Updates to BTCNEXT Exchange: Instructions

Dynamic layout

We’ve added a dynamic layout to our Trading UI. It allows for the organization of blocks of order books, watchlists, charts and history of trades in a convenient way.

To add a missing widget, click on ‘+’ in the top left corner and select the required widget.

You can move widgets by left-clicking them with your computer mouse and dragging the widget to the required place.

For convenience, you can add tabs to existing widgets. To do this, click on ‘+ Create tab’ and make your selection from the list.

To close unnecessary tabs, click on the ‘X’.

Widgets vary for different pairings, in accordance with the information they reflect. To choose the pair that you want in one or another widget, click on the ‘X’ in the pair selection line and then choose the required pair.

You can also change the widget size. To increase/decrease the size of any element, click and hold your mouse on the grey line that separates the widgets and drag it in the required direction.

Now, we are going to describe the new widgets in detail:

Market Depth

This tool allows you to monitor the market’s ability to sustain relatively large orders, without impacting on the price of the asset in question.

Grouping of volumes

You can group volumes by clicking ‘+’ or ‘-’ in the order book. This helps to analyze the deepest liquidity available on the BTCNEXT platform. It can be accessed from the order book of every instrument.


This widget can boost your Workspaces of Trading UI. You can add a list of the wished pairs, display current prices and volumes, as well as view 24hr highs & lows in one place.

For convenience, we have added a new feature. Once the order is placed, it will appear in the chart.

Widgets can be grouped however you like, using the workspace function. This allows you to create multiple Workspaces for different trading purposes. It’s a necessary step for meeting professional traders’ demands.

To add a new Workspace or move an existing Workspace, click the button in the top left corner.

You can name your Workspaces anything you like, by double-clicking the title. To go to the chosen tab, click on the space to the right.

If a Workspace is not required, you can delete it by clicking the ‘X’ in its top-right corner.

To return to the original settings of the terminal, press the arrow in the bottom left corner and confirm your choice.

You can also change the language, switch the night mode on/off or quit the account, by clicking on the settings button in the bottom left corner.

To return to the main menu, click on the 3 lines.

You can enable the Withdrawal address whitelist function in your profile in the Address Management tab (1;2).

We’re striving to reach the highest level of security for users’ funds. That’s why we’ve released the withdrawal address whitelist. This is so that cryptocurrency withdrawals can only be made to the specified addresses that the user has whitelisted. Whitelist management is only enabled for 2FA users. To add an address, click the appropriate button in the top right corner (3).