2nd BNX Token Burn

Dearest BTCNEXT Community!

We would like to announce the 2nd BNX token burn, as we've promised!

The 2nd token burn has happened on 1st of October 2019 and the number of tokens that was burnt is 50 000 000 BNX which is equivalent to $122 000 000 USD. Sounds a bit crazy, doesn’t it?

Why do we do such things? Well, the answer is simple, we are very honest with every member of our lovely community and want everyone to know that. Although none of the tokens spent on any events will go back to the market, instead, it will just be burnt with no way to return.

Moreover, have you been patiently watching the updates lately? If not, here’s is the list of the updates for you:


That’s right! We are finally about to implement the multi-level KYC procedure to improve the best security practices as well as measures. All for you, to stay safe! As soon as the KYC procedure comes out, the limits for withdrawals will be set on the different levels. Everyone can pick the most suitable one by himself! Amazing, isn't it?

Margin Trading

Would you like to amplify trading results so that traders are able to realize larger profits on successful trades? Well, then this option is for you! It is very close to being released! We are launching the margin trading option with a unique advantage- The use of Metatrader 5, the world's most advanced trading platform!

OTC 1st Round

Have you heard about the BNX OTC that was successfully closed recently? Well, the result is shocking considering the way and time it was closed in! Every member has had an opportunity to purchase some BNX tokens through the OTC platform and get the passive income still! Do not miss out our upcoming 2nd round and be the lucky one who got there first https://otc.btcnext.io.

Token Swap

Have you already swaps your old Noah for a new one? Then what are you waiting for?! Exchange your old Noah with near 0 value for an amazing shiny new token! Noah is never staying back with the progress and keeps it on the wave, do not miss such a great opportunity. Find other details in here: https://www.btcnext.io/noah-token-swap-details

Noah Blockchain

Many holders were not happy with management solutions behind the coin stabilization management, right? What if we say that you can vote and has a right to manage all the process in the ecosystem?
It works very easy for understanding. For instance - you want to block the possibility to sell tokens for a low price. It's reasonable - because then exchanges will raise the minimum price of the token to have the ability to make trading possible.
Only Noah token holder can create the proposal to vote on this solution. The user deponent the token to open voting. Then every Noah holder has the power to change everything in a better way for everyone's prosperity.
And here comes the new principles of consensus between all the holders. The new day - new great features are coming!


What other great news do we have for all of you? Well, we’ll mention the moment in which the CEZA license was received!
What is it, you might ask yourself? CEZA is a special license that provides an opportunity to do a global business in the blockchain industry which opens up the doors to the whole lot of Asian countries, even though it is made in Philippines.

Every day, step by step we are developing and achieving more goals, but none of that would happen without our most favourite community as well as non-stop developing NOAH project.

NOAH King, break the limits.

We have much more important News Coming with great events! Stay posted and do not miss the beat!

Kind regards,