Hello Folks!

Guess who has some wonderful news for all of you?

That's right, as always, we are looking after our community and we want to make sure that all users are happy with all the terms that we provide, that's why we have added another ANGEL STATUS that is called a RAINBOW Angel.

So, what does it do, you might ask us?

There is a lot behind this status, and here are some important aspects in a nutshell:

1. 1% Bonus to all your NOAH savings, just like passive income. Have you ever dreamed of having a passive income without doing anything hard? Well, the NOAH team has taken care of you then! Once in half a year, we will be giving you 1% of the WHOLE NOAH sum that you have available on your wallet. (For instance, you have 10.000.000 NOAH tokens on the NOAH wallet, so you will be getting 100.000 tokens every half a year! Or 200.000 every year!)

The only rule here is not to touch any of these funds during this period and to make sure that your Rainbow Angel email will be the same as your NOAH wallet’s one.

The amount limit is 10 million NOAH coins. So if you have 25 million, you will still get only 1% for 10 million out of these 25 to your entire Noah balance on your wallet.

The first 1% credit will be done on the 31st of december 2019 , and then every 6 month you will receive 1% to your entire NOAH balance.

2. You can participate in all the NOAH events with no queue at all! Just imagine that an event has a limit of 200 people and there is no more space left… But hang on, you are a RAINBOW Angel! So, you will still go through even though the limit has been reached! Cool, isn’t it?! (Although it does not work with VIP events)

3. A Unique limited T-shirt from the NOAH project. Just a wonderful T-shirt that will present you a smile and happiness on your face!

4. Get your status upgraded on the NOAH Wallet to the RAINBOW Angel!

How do you become a RAINBOW Angel?

To become a RAINBOW Angel, all you must do is purchase/own 20 QDAO tokens, 600 BNX tokens, and 500k NOAH tokens at BTCNEXT Exchange.

Moreover, if you are already a SILVER, GOLD, or a DIAMOND Angel, then there is no need to purchase extra BNX tokens!

If you a Mini Angel or do not have any Angel status, then 600 BNX still will need to be purchased.

If you do already own the required amount of QDAO (20) and NOAH Tokens (500k) with no matter which Angel Status you have = that will be counted, the only thing left is to purchase 600 BNX unless you are a SILVER, GOLD, or a DIAMOND Angel.

Example 1: You have 10.000 BNX and you are a silver angel, however, you do not have any NOAH or QDAO tokens. So, what do you do? As the requirements mention, you must purchase 20 QDAO tokens as well as 500,000 NOAH tokens but there is no need to purchase any BNX tokens.

Example 2: You are a Mini Angel, or you do not have any angel status, what are the next steps? You still have to purchase 20 QDAO tokens, 600 BNX tokens, and 500k NOAH tokens without any concessions.

Example 3: You have a status of SILVER, GOLD, or a DIAMOND Angel, and you also already have 20 QDAO and 500k NOAH tokens, shall you do anything? The answer is no! You will automatically be given a status of a RAINBOW Angel.

Furthermore, soon there will be an upgrade for Angels’ statuses and new bonuses are about to come for SUPERIOR ANGELS! Here is how the new wings are going look like:

Rainbow Wings

We are working hard to make our community happy in any way, so here is a great chance for you! Since you see how many privileges you have as a RAINBOW Angel, why are you still reading this and not becoming one?!

Kind regards,

Such opportunity is very limited in time and will only last for 2 years, do not miss your chance!