Instructions: How to participate in a NOAH TOKEN SWAP:

Hello to all Noah members! We are inviting you to take a part in an amazing Noah Token Swap Campaign, to swap your old NOAH Tokens to NEW NOAH Tokens. Token Swap will go from June until the end of August, do not miss such a great opportunity to get your new Shiny NOAH Tokens!

What is Token Swap?

Token Swap - is the process to replace old coin to a new coin. For example, if project launched their own blockchain (protocol) , they would want to switch their old blockchain tokens to their own new blockchain tokens. So what do you do? In this case, the project will announce the replacement process for old tokens. Everyone who will deposit old tokens will get new tokens in the identical equivalent.

Why do you need it?

The NOAH project announces amazing news and you can now trade your current NOAH tokens for new ones due to the Launch of its own unique NOAH BLOCKCHAIN! (Please visit NOAH website for more information)

I am in! How do I participate?

1. Register on the BTCNEXT Exchange: Here is the registration link:

2. Open the Balances page. It is available at the link:

step 2

3. On this page, you will see all of your wallets. One of them will be a wallet with NOAH tokens:

step 3

4. In the period from 12th of June until September 30th top up your wallet with current NOAH tokens:

step 4

5. After the successful deposit, you will be able to notice a change in the balance of your current NOAH tokens in your profile.

step 5

6. The Token Swap will end on 30th of September and on 1st of October you will get your new Noah coins. Instead of your current NOAH Coin, you will see new B Coins in your new Wallet.

step 6

Congratulations! Everything went perfectly!

Now you have a NEW NOAH Token! You can continue trading them on the BTCNEXT exchange or withdraw them by clicking on the “Withdraw” button.