How should I pass AML?

It is necessary to confirm each transfer (of NOAH) to the BTCNEXT deposit wallet from the resource where NOAH tokens were purchased/exchanged/transferred.

(confirmation is accepted only as full-screen screenshots or as unloading from the resource where the tokens were purchased).

Please note that screenshots of publicly available data from blockchain researchers ( e.g Etherscan) are not going to be accepted. Screenshots from the wallet of the BTCNEXT personal account are also not going to be accepted.

Kindly provide screenshots of your actions made in the crypto services that you've used.

1. Enter the BTCNEXT platform personal cabinet, go to the DEPOSIT tab, check the number and amount of NOAH token deposits

Instructions for passing AML

There are 6 NOAH deposits on the screenshot, for each deposit you must provide a source of origin and confirmation of the transfer.

Instructions for passing AML

2. Confirmation of source of origin.

Describe how and where you’ve purchased NOAH tokens and provide screenshots confirming your actions.
For example you bought NOAH on the resources of Changelly / HITbtc / MEW, etc., please kindly take screenshots of all these trading operations and send them to us:

Purchase screenshot: BTC ➜ NOAH

Instructions for passing AML

3. Confirmation of transfer to BTCNEXT.

Enter the personal cabinet and then go to deposit wallet, after that, find the address of the ERC-20 wallet (screenshot attached)

Instructions for passing AML

Describe the actions that you performed with NOAH tokens before sending them to BTCNEXT.
For example, forwarding from one address to another, you need to show the entire chain in chronological order until it arrives at the actual deposit address of the BTCNEXT wallet.
Take full-screen screenshots or provide unloading (which is requested on the resource where operations with NOAH tokens were made) on each of the indicated resources used in transit to BTCNEXT.

! Important !
The screenshots must demonstrate several aspects:
· Browser address bar;
· Your starting address (an address where you made the transaction from);
· Your BTCNEXT deposit wallet address for topping up your NOAH balance;
· The amount of the transfer, which will correspond to the amount of the deposit to your BTCNEXT wallet address.

For example: description of operations (deposit 1)
CROSS exchange
↓28.08.2019 23:59:20 0,4572 BTC

BTC wallet: 351j93nj34Df458k745Jou456jhfEJEEiab
↓29.08.2019 00:27:49 11,941,054.90911053 NOAH

NOAH wallet: 0xde176w7453gA90Ff09724p9V425aSK858ce1f

Transaction Hash:

For example: screenshots (deposit 1)

Transfer 0.4572 BTC from CROSS exchange resource to Changelly resource

Instructions for passing AML

Transfer 11,941,054,90911053 NOAH from Changelly to BTCNEXT

Instructions for passing AML

4. Follow the steps in paragraphs 2 and 3 for all the deposits that are reflected in paragraph 1.