I want some opinion from you guys for the following altcoins (a) Basic Attention Token (b) Steem (c) Quantum Resistance Ledger. I see definitely potential in those projects. What do you guys think? Long term I'm with ETH

That's a great list of coins you're interested in! If I may, I would give a little insight on the fundamentals if the coins: BAT - Theoretically, it sounds great: imagine getting paid to turn off your adblock. But diving down, there are still fundamental difficulties towards its viability such as dealing with fraud, and the traction of advertisers on board. Steem - Many have compared steem to a ponzi scheme since there's no monetization model while content creators and editors gets paid a considerably large amount. But it could also be pointed out that social media sites like Facebook & twitter sort of started out that way with a high burn rate and no monetization. The great potential of steemit is that multiple social media platforms can be built on it, which if fulfilled could be big. QRL - It seems that the coins utility is more of a value reservoir in the event quantum computing poses a threat to the current industry. That's quite a big contingency, as it assumes that other coins will not have the capabilities or freedom in changing their protocol/ mechanisms to defend from quantum computing. Hypothetically, it should be a good hedge for other cryptos.