• Introduction

    The SpaceSwap project aims to become a one-stop-station for major DeFi protocols. It will be launched soon and will provide users with one-click access to a large variety of liquidity pools for efficient token management. Users will be able to maximize their profits by loaning tokens through a single comprehensive interface and will be able to select the best APY rates. The Milky Way (MILK) native coin will be provided as an additional incentive for stakers. They can use it to buy Milk Shake (SHAKE) stablecoins pegged to MILK at a 1000:1 ratio from the start, the next buy will cost additional 10 MILK2 coins. SHAKE holders will earn additional profit from pool transaction fees, thus maximizing their revenues. SpaceSwap is negotiating with respectable auditors to have smart contracts audited soon.

  • About The Project

    SpaceSwap is a new DeFi platform that’s based on the Uniswap protocol but instead of simply copying it, it has been improved and refined.

    In SpaceSwap DEX, users provide their crypto liquidity and in return get tasty rewards — on the top of APY rates, they also get a serving of Milky Way (MILK) coins. SpaceSwap differs from Uniswap since its menu includes more treats, such as the MILK-SHAKE pool with high APY rates and SHAKE stablecoins for extra earnings. Being SpaceSwap’s native token, MILK is the reward paid to liquidity providers. During the generation of the first 100,000 blocks, MILK coin rewards will be increased ten-fold (1,000 MILK) for distribution among early adopters. With the generation of the next block, these coins will be unlocked and sent to liquidity providers in proportion to their deposit. Afterward, each block will generate 100 MILK coins.

    Another SpaceSwap coin, SHAKE is a stablecoin pegged to MILK at a 1:1000 ratio. Users can buy SHAKE with MILK to reap extra profits. The coins are inter-exchangeable. Out of the 0.3% standard LP reward, 0.05% goes towards buying out MILK on the market - these coins are distributed among SHAKE holders. MILK and SHAKE also can be deposited in the MILK-SHAKE pool which boosts higher APY rates.

    MILK2 coin having a different issuing mechanism, the holders can count on decelerated inflation and bigger profits. SHAKE owners will get 1% of the MILK2 minted coins - this reward is distributed after every 100,000 blocks generated from the moment the project was launched.


The launch of SpaceSwap 2.0

The launch of Yield Farming/Liquidity Mining

The implementing of SHAKE coin (only 10 000 SHAKE will be issued)

The launch of SpaceSwap Galaxy (voting system)

SpaceSwap Gravity - the platform for the stablecoin arbitrage that will allow users to get additional MILK2 reward. Gravity is aimed to address the stablecoins volatility on the DeFi market.

The platform will offer higher rewards in the pools with nominal value. The reward will be decreased if the price in the pool is higher than nominal. All in all, the system stimulates sales of expansive assets and purchases of those with low cost

Shadow Farming is a unique development that is going to revolutionize the whole DeFi farming sphere.

Index Token Platform is the place for issuing the top-hit token indexes.