• REN
  • Introduction

    Ren Protocol is a permissionless and trustless protocol that allows users to transfer tokens across different blockchains. Ren’s core product, RenVM is focused on building an interoperability solution for Decentralized Finance (DeFi).



Republic Protocol completes fundraising with lead investors Polychain and FBG Capital

RenEx Mainnet

Republic Protocol releases its first mainnet

Darknode: Public

Darknodes are released to the public

Republic Protocol Evolved to Ren

Republic Protocol evolves into Ren and expands its scope to offer private and interoperable liquidity

WBTC Partnership

Ren partners with BitGo and Kyber to begin the WBTC initiative; RenEx becomes a Merchant for WBTC

Aztec Protocol Partnership

Ren partners with Aztec to incorporate their privacy focused tech into the Ren ecosystem

Ren's Future in DeFi

Ren core dev team makes significant advancements and introduces RenVM

RenVM Fee Model Announced

Fee distribution model is upgraded to improve the security and sustainability on the Darknode network

RenVM Devnet

RenVM is successfully deployed to Devnet

RenVM Testnet

RenVM is successfully deployed on Testnet


RenVM SDK is released


Ren core dev team deploys the Hyperdrive

RenVM Chaosnet

RenVM Chaosnet successfully deployed

RenVM Mainnet Zero

RenVM Mainnet Zero successfully deployed

RenVM Mainnet One

RenVM Mainnet One successfully deployed