OWC (Oduwa)

  • OWC (Oduwa)
  • Introduction

    Oduwa Coin is the NextGen alternative to bitcoin Cryptocurrency network that allows anyone to transfer digital cash to family, friends, and vendor from anywhere to everywhere around the world with no fees. Oduwa Network is designed to be fast, efficient, eliminate fraud, no double spending and empower the underserved community. Oduwa coins are use for payment, trading and crowdfunding and low-cost energy-efficient Pos mining. Oduwa originated from the ancient Benin kingdom meaning "The Road Map to wealth " Your money should work for you and not against you." These are symbols of the kingdom’s power and wealth through trade. ODUWA Is Alive and Born to Live Forever again On the Blockchain.

  • About The Project

    Oduwa Coin is a digital payment ecosystem. A virtual currency that uses peer to peer technology to settle all of its transactions within the network. Oduwa Coin is a free open source project derived from collaborative blockchain frameworks with the goal of providing a long-term Energy-Efficient SCRYPT-Based Cryptocurrency. Built on the foundation of Hybrid Blockchain POW/POS, innovations such as proof-of stake help further advance the field of crypto-currency and boost the concept of nearly No- Cost transaction fees for all OWC users to send and receive Oduwa Coin. Oduwa coin provides all OWC users with the possibility to protect their assets against future volatility. We are committed to making Cryptocurrency accessible to everyone worldwide, especially regions that are densely financially underserved.The Future Of Settlement Is Here! ODUWA COIN