ETC(Ethereum Classic)

  • ETC(Ethereum Classic)
  • Introduction

    Ethereum Classic is a decentralized blockchain platform that lets anyone build and use decentralized applications that run on blockchain technology. Like Bitcoin, no one controls or owns Ethereum Classic – it is an open-source project built by people around the world. Ethereum Classic was designed to be adaptable and flexible, with the goal of making it easy to create new applications on the Ethereum Classic platform

  • About The Project

    Ethereum Classic is a decentralized computing platform that executes smart contracts. Applications are ran exactly as programmed without the possibility of censorship, downtime, or third-party interference.

    Ethereum Classic is a distributed network consisting of a blockchain ledger, native cryptocurrency (ETC) and robust ecosystem of on-chain applications and services.

    Ethereum Classic provides a permissionless way to manage digital assets without the need for intermediaries, such as banks and other institutions.

    Ethereum Classic allows uncensorable smart contracts to be written, deployed and executed; ETC enables truly unstoppable programmable money.

    Ethereum Classic is the continuation of the unaltered history of the original Ethereum chain. The ETC network exists to preserve the principle of ""Code is Law"".


Ethereum Launches

Frontier Thawing Upgrade

Homestead Upgrade Creates TheDAO construct TheDAO Ethereum Contract; a security audit is completed by Dejavu

TheDAO Crowdsale Begins

TheDAO smart contract is deployed; members of the public send it value in return for DAO tokens

Security Proposal announce a $1.5 Million USD proposal, paid in Ether by the crowdfund, 'to guarantee the integrity of The DAO'

Moratorium Called

On the last day of the crowdsale, DAO curator Vlad Zamfir calls for a moratorium on TheDAO, citing many game-theoretical security issues

TheDAO Crowdsale Ends

The crowdsale completes to become the world's largest and raising an incredible $150 Million USD

Recursive Call Bug Discovered

Peter Vessenes publicly discloses the existence of a critical security vulnerability overlooked in many Solidiy contracts

No Funds at Risk

Stephan Tual publicly claims that TheDAO funds are safe despite the newly-discovered critical security flaw

TheDAO is Hacked

Ether is slowly and silently drained from TheDAO as the re-entry bug is applied

Panic Hits the Markets

The price of Ether is slashed in half as Griff Green announces that TheDAO has been hacked

Hard Fork Debate

Many days of intense arguing goes on in the Ethereum community about the pros and cons of implementing a Hard Fork

Hard Fork Spec Announced

The only remaining option is a controversial Hard Fork. A Specification is determined and announced by and Ethereum Foundation members

51% Attack Threat

ETH supporters form a mining pool called with plans to destroy the ETC network by orchestrating a 51% attack

Miners Support ETC

After the ETC network grew to a point where they could no longer attack it, ETH miners publicly declare not to attack ETC.

DAO Funds Unlock on ETC

Millions of previously locked or frozen ETC become available to DAO token holders and the DAO hacker.

Code is Law

During the ETH attacks, many battle cries come out of Ethereum Classic supporters.

ETC Monetary Policy

Ethereum Classic supporters debate ETC's emission schedule and monetary policy

Grothendieck Team

IOHK commits a team of 7 full-time developers to Ethereum Classic


A team of long-term ETC contributors and volunteers rebrands as a ETCDEV team

Monetary Policy Consensus

Ethereum Classic forms consensus around a 210.7M ETC fixed-cap monetary policy with a Bitcoin-inspired limited emission schedule called 5M20;

Commonwealth Team

A development team forms under the Ethereum Commonwealth name

Mantis Launch

The release of this beta client, Mantis, will take place today and is the culmination of seven months of work by the Grothendieck Team

ETC Cooperative Team

Grayscale signals long-term support for Ethereum Classic protocol

Multi-Geth Launch

The Multi-Geth client project launches.

Kotti Launches

ETC Cooperative funds the development of the Kotti testnet

Agharta Rough Consensus

Ethereum Classic core developers reach rough consensus on ECIP-1056 in an effort to implement ETH's Constaninople

Core-Geth Launch

The ETC Core team forks away from the Multi-Geth client project.

Phoenix Mordor Testing

Phoenix testing begins on the Mordor PoW testnet on block 999,983.

A Bright Future

As the ecosystem continues to organically grow, the independent development teams are guided by principles that make Ethereum Classic such a unique network.