• BNX (BTCNEXT Coin)
  • Introduction

    BNX runs on Ethereum chain but eventually will be running on its own BTCNEXT chain. BNX coin is established with a total supply of 500 million coins. Every quarter, we will destroy BNX based on the trading volume on our platform until we destroy 50% of all the BNX. BTCNEXT eventually will destroy 250million BNX, leaving 250million BNX remaining.

  • About The Project

    The BNX coin itself has multiple forms of utility, essentially being the underlying gas that powers the BTCNEXT Ecosystem. The current most prominent use cases include using BNX to:

    • Pay for trading fees on the exchange, obtaining the equivalent of a 50% discount on trades;
    • BTCNEXT Academy will offer you a wide range of Blockchain courses that you can buy with your BNX coins;
    • Use your BNX to participate in many different Lottery events and Trading competitions;
    • Use your BNX to participate in some unique IEO campaigns with only the best projects from the industry;
    • By holding BNX you will take part in many Airdrop campaigns, and you will get free coins deposited to your accounts (as per BNX amount on your accounts);
    • BNX will allow you to buy tickets to some exclusive conferences and blockchain events as well as private meetups with Industry leaders;