• BIP(Minter)
  • Introduction

    Minter is a blockchain network that lets people, projects, and companies create and manage their own coins and exchange them at a fair price with absolute and instant liquidity.

  • About The Project

    Minter’s native coin is called BIP. It aims to fulfill the real-world market needs, including fast settlements among mobile users, low transaction fees (or even transferring funds free of charge), and, of course, a solid supply of 10 billion BIPs. The Minter Network is developed with three main goals:

    - Everyday use. Team provides users with the easy-to-own currency, tailored for daily use;
    - Everyone is the bank. Team gives the long tail of value providers the ability to issue and manage their own currencies;
    - Everything is liquid. Every coin should have instant and absolute liquidity.

    To address the first goal, a new cryptocurrency — BIP — is launched. BIP stands for Blockchain Instant Payment, which reflects the vision of fulfilling the real-world need for a fast, efficient, and dependable medium of exchange.

    The second goal is approached by coin minting. Provider of value — be it a local business, a content creator, or a community leader — can become a coiner, create their own coins backed by BIP, and integrate those coins into their products and services via off-chain Minter Apps, or MApps, in a matter of hours.

    Finally, every coin has BIP value at any given time and can be exchanged for other coins issued in the Minter network and major cryptocurrencies. Even better, our legal team is working on a framework to allow for the exchange of BIPs and other coins for fiat currencies such as USD!

    Designed with mass adoption requirements in mind, the Minter network is able to deliver over 1,000 transactions a second right from the start and plans to reach a 5,000–10,000 TX/sec goal within a year. Built with very simple and robust API, the Minter blockchain can support lots of client-side apps developed with our SDK, e.g., iOS/Android wallets, Chrome extensions, desktop and mobile web applications.


Testnet Launch

Console (the issuance of coins included)


SDK for the integration of transfers

Native BIP wallets

End of Early Access Campaign

Mainnet Launch



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