• AAVE(Aave)
  • Introduction

    AAVE is used as the centre of gravity of Aave Protocol governance. It is used to vote and decide on the outcome of Aave Improvement Proposals (AIPs). Apart from this, AAVE can be staked within the protocol Safety Module to provide security/insurance to the protocol/depositors. Stakers earn staking rewards and fees from the protocol.

  • About The Project

    The goal of the Aave Tokenomics, through its incentives and policies, is to create a Shelling Point where the protocol’s growth, sustainability and safety take priority over individual stakeholder objectives. AAVE token holders bear the risk of the protocol. Stakeholders contribute in more tangible ways to the protocol, usually in the form of technical integration (DeFi Front End, integrations etc.) or financial participation (Liquidity Provider). Both have some expectations for the protocol behaviour, safety and functionality. The Aave Protocol codifies trust between stakeholders (AAVE token holders, Vote delegates, Market Manager, Liquidity Providers and integrators). Moreover, although this implementation of multilevel governance cannot practically solve voter apathy, our liquidity-based governance creates economic incentives that keep the voting pool active and renewed as new Aave participants become potential voters.