The last BNX coins burn on 1st October

We burned 19,985,423 BNX coins on 1st October to reduce the max. supply to 250 million BNX coins. We promised you a burning of coins every quarter - and we kept our word. Now, the max. supply of BNX coins is 250 million and it has the greatest potential for growth.

BNX coins became more exclusive to its holders and we can expect a direct effect on its price in the coming weeks. Aside from being a valuable crypto asset, BNX coin gives diverse benefits:

  • Acquiring BNX Angel status and improving conditions for BTCNEXT Exchange usage
  • Participating in lotteries, private blockchain conferences, etc.

As usual, we’d like to describe the most important events and updates that have happened to the BTCNEXT Exchange since the last coin burning.

The BTCNEXT Exchange Roadmap

A detailed BTCNEXT Exchange Roadmap has been added to the site. Now, our beloved users can see the steps already taken and the upcoming ones, like this BNX coin burning. We put a big effort into making the roadmap as detailed as possible.

You can track the timeliness of development, prepare for fantastic new listings and know exactly when updates will occur on the exchange. Check out the BTCNEXT Exchange’s Roadmap on the main page to learn more exciting details!

The listing continues!

Almost every month we add new coins and pairs to our exchange! We are doing this to provide our beloved community with new opportunities:

  • diversifying portfolios
  • trying out new trading tools
  • utilizing more trading opportunities
  • improving strategies
  • gaining more profits!

In the last 3 months, we listed these new coins:

We also added new trading pairs:


The BTCNEXT Project development continues and we look positively towards the future. Stay tuned so you don’t miss out on our updates!

Best regards,