Platinum Q DAO Engineering Builds BTCNext To Solve Global Challenges Of Exchanges

Do the crypto Exchanges spoil the Market? Platinum Q DAO Engineering Builds BTCNEXTto Solve one of the Biggest Global Challenges.

Where would the crypto industry be without exchanges? These platforms bring instant access to trading tools for anyone around the globe. Crypto exchanges play an important role in providing these tools to their users. However, while most people put their absolute trust in these exchanges keeping their funds, some are more cautious. What makes them wary of exchanges? It’s easy to understand when you look at some of the challenges and bad examples of the current exchange measures when it comes to keeping funds safe.

BTCNEXTreveals: crypto exchanges continue to face big challenges.

The main problem around exchanges is security. Although some of the technology used to build these exchanges is very advanced, it's nothing compared to what Wall Street has built throughout the years. The systems used in the stock market are very robust, dependable, and fast. From a security perspective, they are more advanced than anything a crypto exchange has developed, at least for now. Even the crypto exchange Binance that has considered to be the most secure, was hacked a few days ago losing around 41 million dollars worth of Bitcoin from their users' hot wallets.

Security is not the only problem exchanges face, another major issue is liquidity. By this we mean the fact of how readily available any user can buy and sell a specific cryptocurrency. More popular coins mean that they are listed on more exchanges and other platforms, so it’s easier to get them anywhere. The easier it is to buy and sell them regardless of where you do it then the more liquid a coin is. But cryptocurrency exchanges that accept just about any coin imaginable, out of the more than 1,600 coins that exist, are actually hurting themselves. It’s nothing new to find news of exchanges like Bitrex delisting dozens of coins because they have no liquidity anymore. This reflects poorly upon the exchange criteria for choosing and listing a coin. Users that overlook the notice of the delisting can even end up losing their coins if they don’t withdraw them on time. You have to admit, this sounds like a bad situation for any trader, doesn’t it?

Can new exchanges like BTCNEXTbring new solutions to the table?

It’s pretty obvious that an opportunity to provide a better and more reliable platform where people can buy and sell cryptocurrencies at ease still exists. Security around accounts or funds and liquidity are the main issues that BTCNext, a new cryptocurrency exchange platform, is aiming to solve. But the team behind it is also looking to get rid of the existing misinformation and miscommunication between users and the company behind the exchange. The platform boasts a tremendous customer service operation with the single purpose of creating a better experience for traders. From there, issues like keeping funds safe will be able to be worked in combination with each user. By means of educating them on the status of their account, giving recommendations to improve their security measures, and sharing news about the listing of promising coins while opening their channels for feedback on these actions.

The approach of working on prioritizing the creation of a better customer experience makes total sense. Inside a super competitive environment where all crypto exchanges basically have the same flaws, one that creates a relationship with their users and guarantees the quality of their services will make it to the top. The BTCNEXTteam is formed by Platinum Q DAO Engineering. They are an experienced agency that has actually spent a good amount of resources into their customer service team. According to the Platinum Q DAO Engineering team, their inside research into what makes a good exchange versus a bad one is what leads them towards making this decision. Hearing from the users’ personal recollections and reviews of other platforms helped them empathize and offer a better alternative. That's why BTCNEXTwould be the first platform with a completely dedicated channel of communication between the users and the company’s customer experience representatives.

The focus remains on giving people what they want. This platform built by Platinum Q DAO Engineering team hopes to achieve considerable traction amongst new and experienced traders. Particularly because they will support unique stable coins with the actual collateralized value behind them. For now, it has been revealed that the stable coin USDQ and KRWQ will be listed on the exchange. These stable coins are part of a new generation of crypto-backed stable cryptocurrencies. The 1:1 United States dollar ratio coin USDQ will be readily available for trading on the exchange. Steps will be followed to add the South Korean 1:1 KRWQ coin. This with the only purpose to provide users the most simple way for them to trade and learn. To know more about the USDQ and KRWQ stable coins you can visit the website

BTCNEXTmarks a new breed of exchange services.

While exchanges will still face problems like security breaches, liquidity, and transparency, it will be up to platforms like BTCNEXTto go the extra mile and improve the existing communication these services have with their own users. This is seemingly marking the beginning of a new generation of exchanges and soon we could be expecting a very similar infrastructure like the one used outside of the cryptocurrency scene. The crypto industry changes may take some months or years, and most likely will not occur overnight, but it's definitely a step forward. And for now, crypto traders can join and support BTCNEXTexchange in the early days, helping the team revolutionize the crypto exchange industry by putting them first.

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