Report from Platinum Q DAO Engineering: BTCNEXTto list USDQ

Report from Platinum Q DAO Engineering: BTCNEXTto list USDQ

The next generation spot and margin cryptocurrency exchange BTCNEXT is thrilled to announce the listing of USDQ, a decentralized stablecoin backed by Bitcoin (and other top 10 digital assets in the future), on their trading platform. From now, users will be able to exchange volatile virtual funds for stable ones when they want to minimize their risks.

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies designed to keep their value and remain stable in spite of any market fluctuations. Since they are pegged to other assets, such as the US dollar or gold, stablecoins are expected to solve the largest problem of crypto holders – volatility. When this issue is fixed, nothing will deter people from using virtual money, which will enormously speed up the crypto mass adoption.

We hope that this listing of USDQ will make stablecoins more popular and facilitate the mainstream adoption of digital money. Crypto transactions are fast, convenient, cheap, and reliable. At BTCNEXT, we're proud that we can help people to enter the borderless world and change their lives for better. The Platinum Q DAO Engineering's specialists took part in the USDQ development; that's why there is no wonder why stablecoin has appeared on the platform, the BTCNEXT team stated.

Introduction to BTCNEXT

BTCNEXT provides customers a great number of services: Spot Trading, Margin Trading, IEO Launchpad, OTC trading, Futures Trading, access to STO markets, as well as education and training in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The platform regularly lists new tokens and coins in order to offer users more opportunities to trade, sell, buy, and exchange their funds and make a profit.

The exchanging platform has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that meets the demands of both professional traders and those who just make their first steps into this sphere. The developers have implemented a set of sophisticated instruments to make a trading process smooth and comfortable. Traders can always get relevant information about prices or orders, as well as tracking their transactions.

The BTCNEXT’s specialists are currently creating a mobile version of the exchange to allow users constantly connect to the platform from the most suitable device. Besides, the team is preparing to launch gateways for fiat depositing/withdrawal. By the way, the exchange offers attractive trading fees (0.010% for all transactions) and benefits to large depositors (over $50K) for the first six months of the year.

Special strategies and risk control measures ensure the protection of users’ identities and funds. BTCNEXT stores its servers at duly certified data centers that apply a full range of all necessary layers for physical and digital securities. All exchange’s systems are vigorously tested for any vulnerabilities and threats on a daily basis.

The customer-oriented support service is one of the most powerful advantages of BTCNEXT. Users often complain that crypto exchanges' support staff ignores their requests and cannot fix their troubles. BTCNEXT guarantees that every user will be heard and every question will be resolved as soon as possible. The primary platform's goal is to ensure the most comfortable and transparent trading process for each customer.

Introduction to USDQ

USDQ is a decentralized self-regulating algorithmic stablecoin backed by Bitcoin, furthermore, it will be backed by other top 10 digital assets in the future. This means that USDQ’s price doesn't depend on the exchange rate of the digital assets making the stablecoin less volatile and more reliable. Trading with USDQ tokens, holders won't need to worry about the market fluctuations and volatility.

USDQ is an ERC20 token that can be stored on any ERC20-compatible wallet, like MyEtherWallet or Mist. The token uses algorithms to provide transparency and maintain stability. Being pegged to US dollars and backed with cryptocurrencies as collateral, USDQ will be always equal to 1 USD!

USDQ is the stablecoin developed by Platinum Q DAO Engineering within Q DAO ecosystem. The company aims to elaborate Q DAO family of stablecoins pegged not only to US dollar but also to other fiats, such as South Korean Won (KRWQ), Chinese Yuan (CNYQ), Japanese Yen (JPYQ), and others. This will allow traders from different regions to join the digital world and use their national currencies.

Q DAO ecosystem also includes an internal coin Q DAO that is used to govern USDQ. In addition, holders will be able to use Q DAO to pay fees and vote on any changes introduced in the system. USDQ and Q DAO offer stability and ability to make transactions securely and efficiently to any market participants .


BTCNEXT is a cryptocurrency exchange whose priority is customer service and transparency. The trading platform applies a wide range of effective tools to make the exchanging process as seamless and clear as possible, as well as making it understandable to both professionals and newcomers. The exchange also employs the most efficient security instruments to protect customers' personal data and funds from any hackers' attacks.

Platinum Q DAO Engineering is an international company that offers a wide range of services, including listing, marketing, PR, IEO launching, consulting, programming, cyber-security, education, legal advisory, development, and many others. The highly-experienced Platinum Q DAO Engineering's team has already made significant progress in the crypto market by developing and launching several successful projects.

To learn more about BTCNEXT, visit the exchange’s official website and follow it on Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, Medium, and LinkedIn.

Daria Volkova

Daria Volkova

Head of legal department in Platinum