BTCNEXT $10 registration bonus giveaway

The BTCNEXT exchange is awarding $10 worth of BNX for registering a new account on the exchange from 00:00 GMT+3 July 21 to 00:00 GMT+3 August 1.

How to get the bonus

The bonus will be awarded immediately after registration - users do not need to request it or enter any promo codes. Initially, the funds will only be available for trading but the bonus can be withdrawn after being used for three orders on the BTCNEXT exchange.

The offer starts on Tuesday 21th July and will last for 11 days, until Saturday 1st August.

The goal of the offer

BTCNEXT wants to demonstrate the opportunities of the exchange to all new users, even to those who are still cautious about investing their own funds. BNX is the best currency for an introduction to the platform - it unlocks BNX Angel status and better conditions for trading as well as participation in lotteries, private blockchain conferences, etc.

“We want people to see the potential and the many advantages of the BTCNEXT exchange for themselves. The award for new accounts is an incentive to try out trading and an invitation for them to experiment” - stated the Platinum Management Team.