40 million BNX were burned !

40 million BTСNEXT Coins (BNX) were burned on April 1st!

On April 1st, we burned 40 million BNX for a total of $13 million, as we have promised to do it every quarter. We will continue to destroy BNX tokens until 250 million remain. The maximum supply at the moment is approx. 360 million BNX. This is why we have at least a few more burnings to go.

Our goal is to make BNX more exclusive to its holders. The reduced supply will cause a price increase and will attract new members to the community. We’re trying to make BNX not just a utility token but a valuable asset as well. The best opportunities will occur when we reach a 250 million supply.

Currently, BNX coins are used for several different purposes:

  • Paying exchange fees with a 50% discount.
  • Acquiring BNX Angel status and improved conditions for BTCNEXT Exchange usage.
  • Opportunity to participate in lotteries, private blockchain conferences, etc.

The BTCNEXT Exchange and its related projects are actively developing. Here are the most important changes that affect the whole BTCNEXT community.

Special benefits for BTCNEXT Angels

We’ve added new opportunities that enable BNX Angels to make a profit. Angels can receive increased passive daily income from Noah Citizenship. And that’s not all! The Noah City has new citizenship designed specifically for early BNX/QDAO investors. It is called The Patriot. This is an exclusive opportunity for you to use your BNX tokens and become a resident of the Noah City - the first decentralized state. Patriots receive an increased daily income and many other benefits.

The BTCNEXT Exchange has finally moved to an upgraded core. The Exchange has become even more stable and safer than before. Read about all our updates here:

We restarted the BTCNEXT Broker website and have improved it. The changes affect the Education section; we have added instructions on the main page about how to start working with the platform.

We look positively towards the future and continue to prepare new improvements. Stay tuned so you don’t miss out on updates!

Kind regards,