BTCNEXT Announcements

    Take an opportunity to win MORE during the BNX OTC sale!

    Dear community,
    BTCNEXT exchange decided to grant even more money! Are you ready to replenish your wallets? We are starting the competition with big prizes for any trader or Angel during the BNX OTC sale.

    Take part in the competition for the largest purchases and win the following prizes:

    1st rank – $1000

    2nd rank – $700

    3rd rank – $500

    All you need is to take part in the second round of BNX sale on October 15th at 16.00 JST. Our OTC sale will start just in a couple of days!

    Buy BNX tokens at the initial price of $1.2 USD. Your wallet will thank you since the market price of the coin is $2.4 USD. Catch the moment and win on the difference. Enlarge your folio, buy more, get a leader of the scoreboard - take your prize!

    Simple rules for real champions, right? One more awesome detail for Angels - you'll be able to start buying BNX tokens earlier – on October 14th at 16.00 JST. So it's a chance to increase your capital before the others even have started a race.

    One of the best times to get the Angel status. Remind that BNX tokens allow you to pay 50% less commission fees, buy tickets to various conferences and blockchain events, deepen your knowledge by joining our courses at BTCNEXT academy, as well as get other amazing benefits and privileges such as early start on current competition.

    So what are you waiting for? BNX will not appear in the account without your help. Please note that the winners will receive their prizes in USDQ, a stablecoin pegged to US dollar and backed by Bitcoin. These stablecoins are designed to solve the problem of cryptocurrency volatility. So your prize will save its volume.

    You'll be able to check your status and look up who are the leaders online during the whole OTC session. Just take a look for the process in our chats

    Jump in our media via Twitter, Facebook, Medium, and LinkedIn to see all the updates and make corrections on your winning strategy.