BTCNEXT Announcements

    The OTC sale of BNX tokens has closed with great success on BTCNEXT

    Exchange coins still remain one of the most popular assets of 2019, because crypto exchanges are the most active entities on the crypto market. However, there’s a common misconception that it’s too late to catch the train that has already left the station. The truth is that there are many trains and anyone can check the schedule and buy the ticket. If you do research, you will find out that there are still some exchange coins that didn’t take off yet. One of these coins is BNX, the native coin of the BTCNEXT exchange, integrated into the Q DAO - NOAH ecosystem.

    Recently, we have conducted the 1st round of the OTC token sale, raising $300,000 in two days! The sale started on September 14th at 10:00 (GMT+3) for Angel Traders and on September 15th for other participants. It was closed on September 16 at 18:00 (GMT +3). That’s a very good result for the first round, it indicated a very high demand for tokens, especially at the end of the sale, when everybody came from the weekend and realized that the BNX sale was already near the end.

    “We’re working very hard to deliver the best experience for our users, and BNX is the part of this experience. We’re glad to see that users like it.” - BTCNEXT development team.

    Who are the Angel Traders? That’s a special status, that’s given for holding a certain amount of BNX tokens on the BTCNEXT account for 6 months. It gives a trader a lot of advantages: the opportunity to participate in tokensales earlier than other users. In addition, those Angel Traders, who hold 100,000 BNX tokens, can trade with 0% fees and have more chances to win in lotteries. They receive more coins of BTCNEXT-related airdrops and will get a Premium Special Platinum Union Card for free after its launch. They also get bonus BNX tokens every week. You can read everything about the Angel Trader program here.

    The next OTC token sale round will start on October 15, you can buy the BNX tokens via OTC desk. It’s an opportunity to buy BNX with a significant discount. Why is it a good deal? Because the BTCNEXT exchange is still growing, developing new features and attracting new users. We see the examples of other large exchanges, and what introducing their own native tokens has done to them. Binance, Huobi - all of them conduct IOEs, and sell IEO tokens for their exchange tokens, creating a steady demand. The same can happen with BTCNEXT. Another good thing about BNX tokens is that the team plans to spend a part of their profits to buy back and burn BNX on a quarterly basis, which will influence price positively.