BTCNEXT Announcements

    The 2nd ОТС round is closed but it is only the beginning for the rainbow traders!

    The team of BTCNEXT exchange has announced the closing of the 2nd round of its BNX token sale. The goal was to collect $300,000, and it was successfully reached. The 1st round in the previous month was also closed in momentum. Who would need that much money? The answer is simple- anyone who develops such an advanced ecosystem. The team is very glad to see such an unstoppable interest.

    “BTCNEXT is growing every day. We see the influx of users and money, and we’re trying to meet their expectations on a daily basis. The successful token sales show us we’re not the only believers, investors believe in our venue as well”. - BTCNEXT team stated.

    Those who are not familiar with the ecosystem may ask: what BNX tokens are used for, do they have any utility?

    The utility of BNX tokens.

    BNX is the main and only native token of BTCNEXT exchange, furthermore, it provides its holders many advantages:

    1. Opportunities to participate in closed IEO token sales conducted on BTCNEXT.
    2. BNX holders receive various bonus airdrops.
    3. A trading fee discount - paying trading fees in BNX costs twice less than in any other option.
    4. It will be possible to buy tickets to events, organized by BTCNEXT, paying by BNX.
    5. And most importantly, it’s necessary to hold BNX to become Angel Traders, which get various bonuses, invitations, zero fees for trading, and many other benefits!

    There are many types of Angel Traders, it depends on the number of BNX held on the trader’s account. And now BTCNEXT announces the new status for traders! It’s called a Rainbow Angel.

    Spread your wings, Rainbow Angels!

    It’s a totally new status with some important aspects. The greatest aspect is that you get 1% bonus to all NOAH savings in your wallet, with a limit of 10 million NOAH coins (if you have more, you still get 1% bonus only for 10 million out of them). The first payout is going to happen on the 31st of December 2019, the next ones will be paid every 6 months.

    To become a Rainbow Angel, you have to hold 20 QDAO tokens, 600 BNX tokens, and 500,000 NOAH tokens at BTCNEXT exchange. Silver, Gold, and Diamond Angels don’t need to buy any additional BNX tokens.

    It’s a great opportunity to receive not only the BNX payouts, but also the payouts for other assets, that you don’t typically get bonuses for. The Q DAO and NOAH projects are developing actively, so it might be a good investment.

    Surely, that system is going boost additional interest for the BTCNEXT exchange among traders, because only a few exchanges offer bonuses for trading. Why choose other exchanges with no bonuses if you can wisely trade and also get some benefits for yourself? The choice is all yours.