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    Important Announcement on Rainbow Angel Status

    The BTCNEXT Exchange wants to thank all its supporters. It’s nice to have such a strong and active community. You’re all doing great, thus pushing the project development to new heights! It’s time to make an important announcement regarding Rainbow Angels.

    Rainbow status was introduced into the system for privileged traders during the Noah Token Swap. Some users received their status based on their Noah balance, which later became locked. This happened due to a technical error that was a result of the constant work to improve and repel hacker attacks as well as attacks by unscrupulous traders.

    These conditions did not meet the established business model. That is why a number of users voluntarily agreed to switch to the standard conditions, which can be found here. Please contact the support team and let them know that you are ready to switch to standard conditions if you want to support the Exchange and please don’t take advantage of this mistake.

    However, as an honest Exchange, BTCNEXT is ready to bear its obligations to its users, therefore the statuses that have already been assigned to traders will not be changed until users keep the required balances of NOAH, QDAO, and BNX.

    First of all, the BTCNEXT Team always cares about the customer. For instance, the introduction of privileges and bonuses for loyal traders such as the Rainbow Angel, along with other types of Angels, to name but one example.

    The BTCNEXT Team always strives to provide its users with the best opportunities and conditions. The latest big update took place at the end of March - the new, more stable core was introduced. It has taken the exchange to a qualitatively new level of stability and security as well as implementing interface changes and 6 new trading tools. You can learn more about them by reading these notes.

    The BTCNEXT Team hopes for users’ understanding. The Exchange must be profitable, like any other business, in order to continue providing high-level support and to continue the development of the BTCNEXT Project. Therefore, the whole team hopes that, as it bears its obligations whether leading to losses or not, the community will also help to mitigate such situations with a degree of understanding.

    The BTCNEXT Exchange is truly grateful and proud to have such a unique community. The team believes that any problem can be overcome through mutual efforts. Thank you for always being with us.

    Kindest regards,
    BTCNEXT Team