BTCNEXT Announcements

    NOAHP bonuses have been distributed to BTCNEXT’s Superior and Rainbow Angels!

    On December 31st, the regular NOAHP bonuses were credited to all the Superior and Rainbow Angels on the BTCNEXT exchange!
    Twice a year, the BTCNEXT team distributes a portion of NOAHP in accordance with the status of all the above mentioned holders’ categories.
    Every day, we’re constantly striving to improve and upgrade the BTCNEXT exchange to make certain that we produce the best product ever! And we are beyond happy that you, our beloved community, trust and support us in all our endeavours!

    How is NOAHP distributed?

    All types of Superior status get +1% for a Rainbow angel status.

    Bonus amounts

    • Superior Diamond Angels - 10% of total NOAHP balance + 1% for a Rainbow angel
    • Superior Gold Angels - 5% + 1% for a Rainbow angel
    • Superior Silver Angels - 2.5% + 1% for a Rainbow angel
    • Superior Mini Angels - 1% + 1% for a Rainbow angel
    • Rainbow Angels - 1% of total NOAHP balance

    Follow the links to learn more about BTCNEXT Angel statuses:

    The BTCNEXT team is delighted to end the year with the latest distribution that strengthens the trust between the exchange and its community!
    Keep up with the news to be in the first row for all our new bonuses and benefits!