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    Noahp bonuses for BTCNEXT Superior and Rainbow Angels!

    NOAHP bonuses for BTCNEXT Superior and Rainbow Angels!

    It is a great time to be a Superior or Rainbow Angel on the BTCNEXT Exchange. We are pleased to announce that the regular six-month NOAHP bonuses were credited on June 30th! The amount depends on how many NOAHP you have on your balance as well as on your status.

    Bonus amounts:

    • Superior Diamond Angels - 10% of total NOAHP balance
    • Superior Gold Angels - 5%
    • Superior Silver Angels - 2.5%
    • Superior Diamond Angels - 1%
    • Rainbow Angels - 1%

    All types of Superior status bonuses are combined with Rainbow status bonuses, e.g. a Superior Gold Angel receives 5+1% instead of just 5%.

    The bonuses are credited twice a year. The first distribution occurred on December 31st, 2019, the second was on June 30th.

    The bonus is capped at 10 million NOAH coins. Rainbow and Superior Angels receive the maximum bonus limit So if the total NOAHP balance on your wallet is 25 million, you still only get a specific percent on 10 of your 25 million NOAHP.

    BTCNEXT Angel status brings a lot of great benefits aside from the regular bonuses, which are different for Rainbow and Superior Angels. For instance, a unique T-shirt or 0% trading fees on the BTCNEXT Exchange.

    Follow the links to learn more details about BTCNEXT Angel statuses:

    The BTCNEXT Team is doing everything to provide Angels with the best conditions and benefits! Enjoy your regular bonuses and thank you for choosing the BTCNEXT Exchange!