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    Exchange Update #9

    BTCNEXT Exchange Update #9

    Two more weeks have passed and it’s time to share some updates! We have been focused on the BTCNEXT Broker Trading Wars contest , which will start soon. The 100 best traders will compete for lucrative prizes. We’re also working on the improvement of our instructions section to make all the processes clear. Check out all of our updates!

    Financial markets

    Global stock markets are optimistic. Most quarantine measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic are being lifted in many countries in Europe and Asia. The global economy may begin to recover in the summer.

    Gold prices fell last week to the support level of $1,735 per troy ounce. Rollback from the multi-year high is a technical correction. The price will not fall significantly lower than $1,700.

    Oil markets continue to recover. A barrel of WTI oil strengthened to around $34. The main driver of price growth remains the rapid recovery of the Chinese economy. In fact, the demand for oil in the country has already returned to about 90% of the pre-crisis level.

    Major indices continue to grow within the entire market, with S&P 500 managing to overcome the $3,000 mark.

    Crypto market

    Over the past 7 days, the market has lost 8% of capitalization. All currencies on our exchange also dipped along with the market, the only exception being the XEM coin, which grew by 3% last week. Bitcoin lost the most in value, falling by 9%.

    BNX price remained the same compared to the previous week, with slight fluctuations. QDAO lost $2 in value, i.e. 13%. NOAHP, amid a general market decline, also lost a little in price, around 2%.

    BTC is trading at around $8,900 at the time of writing. ETH managed to fight on, holding at above $200. The rest of the market is moving the same.

    BTCNEXT Exchange updates

    The BTCNEXT Team continues its hard work. We had a lot of exciting updates in the past two weeks. We have:

    Daily volumes and statistics on the BTCNEXT Exchange:

    • BTC - $2.6m
    • ETH - $2m
    • ZEC - $0.9m
    • BNX - $1,000
    • NOAHP - $9,100
    • QDAO - $7,000
    • The total average daily volume on the exchange is $9.3m.