BTCNEXT Announcements

    Exchange Update #22

    Two more weeks have passed and we are ready to share some exciting updates! The BTCNEXT Exchange became even better since the last time we caught up. We updated the KYC instruction, prepared our participation in airdrops and added the Noah’s DeFi Ark button. Find out more right below!

    Financial markets

    In November, gold rose in price only for the first week, after which a series of collapses followed. In the middle of last week, the price stabilized but on Friday, it dropped sharply again. Bidding ended at the support level of $1,788 per ounce.

    At the beginning of last week, oil prices rose sharply with the news about vaccine production and entered the corridor of $44.50-$46.00 per barrel. The weekly session ended at $45.70. We can expect a continuation of the rally.

    Key indices moved sideways. The S&P500 rose only by $50 and is now trading in the $3,650 region, while The Dow Jones remained at the same level of $29,500.

    Crypto market

    The crypto market capitalization increased by 2% over the last 7 days. Most cryptocurrencies on the BTCNEXT Exchange rose but some dropped. XLM grew the most: +16% per week. DOGE dropped more than the others, losing 12% of its value. The QDAO, BNX and NOAHP prices haven’t changed.

    The last two weeks were significant for Bitcoin. It managed to overcome the $19,000 mark and now is heading toward a new all-time-high above $20,000. The crypto market follows the leader as most altcoins are in the green zone. We can expect the market to go even higher if Bitcoin continues its rally.

    BTCNEXT Exchange update

    The BTCNEXT Team is constantly improving the exchange. Here are the most important updates from the last 2 weeks:

    • We have updated the KYC instruction. Now, you can pass the KYC procedure even faster and more easily than before.
    • NEM token airdrop. BTCNEXT users will participate in NEM’s airdrop and receive XYM tokens. The bonus will be assigned in a 1:1 ratio to all XEM holders that have at least 100 coins on their Noah Wallet balance. Just click on the ‘Claim my coins’ button.
    • Spark token airdrop. BTCNEXT users with XRP on their balance will get a share of Ripple’s Spark token air-dropped in December 2020. This is the native token of Flare, the new Turing-complete FBA network by Ripple Labs.
    • We have added a banner for a quick transition to NOAH’s DeFi Ark. This is the world’s best DeFi aggregator, created by Platinum Software Development Company. There you can find detailed information about the most popular DeFi projects and protocols.

    Daily volumes and statistics on the BTCNEXT Exchange:

    • BTC - $12.6m
    • ETH - $15.5m
    • BNX - $155,000
    • NOAHP - $2,500
    • QDAO - $79,000
    • The total average daily volume on the exchange is $67m.

    We hope you are just as excited about these updates as we are. Come back in two weeks for a new portion of news!