BTCNEXT Announcements

    Exchange Update #19

    While the crypto market is still deciding where to go, the BTCNEXT Team is working hard to bring the exchange the success it deserves. During the past couple of weeks, we added new coins and improved nodes. Read all the updates right now!

    Financial markets

    The rise in demand for the dollar has brought gold back to where it was two weeks ago. The drop in quotations of the precious metal amounted to 1.6% over the last week. Trading ended near the resistance level of $1,900 per ounce.

    During the week, oil price volatility rose sharply, although the final change in quotations was insignificant. Bidding ended at the resistance level of $41 per barrel.

    Key indices continue to rise in price with small pullbacks. Within two weeks, the S&P500 rallied from $3,300 to $3,500 and then dropped to $3,400. The Dow Jones tried to climb to $29,000 but eventually pulled back to $28,000.

    Crypto market

    The crypto market capitalization didn’t change over the past 7 days. Some cryptocurrencies on the BTCNEXT Exchange rose, some dipped. XML grew the most: +9% per week. ZEC dropped more than the others, it lost 10% of its value. The BNX, QDAO and NOAHP prices haven’t changed.

    Bitcoin added $1,200 to its price throughout the last two weeks, although most of the altcoins are in the red zone. It’s unclear whether BTC will grow in the coming days or drop. We have some goals above the $12,000 mark but we also have a gap below $9,800 and it must be closed. Maybe we will continue to climb up before the deep correction.

    BTCNEXT Exchange update

    Our team had a productive two weeks. We are working to bring the best possible user experience. Our main updates:

    • We have improved nodes for ETH, DASH and XMR. Now, they are more stable and work better, providing our users with a comfortable trading experience.
    • We have listed the SpaceSwap project’s 2 native coins - MILK2 and SHAKE. This has been done as part of the partnership between our project and the SpaceSwap project. SpaceSwap is a new DeFi platform that’s based on the Uniswap protocol but instead of simply copying it, it has been improved and refined. MILK2 is the native coin that serves as an additional incentive for stakers. They can use it to buy SHAKE coins (pegged to MILK at a 1000:1 ratio from the start). The next buy will cost an additional 10 MILK2 coins.

    Daily volumes and statistics on the BTCNEXT Exchange:

    • BTC - $8.8m
    • ETH - $10.7m
    • BNX - $270,000
    • NOAHP - $4,100
    • QDAO - $85,000
    • The total average daily volume on the exchange is $50m.

    We hope you are just as excited as we are about the upcoming updates. Come back in two weeks for a new portion of news!