BTCNEXT Announcements

    Exchange Update #18

    The BTCNEXT Team continues its patient work. We have some awesome updates for you: two new coins will be listed on the exchange soon and the last BNX coins were burned on October 1st. Read on for more details!

    Financial markets

    Gold has strengthened after a severe collapse in price. The weekly growth was 4.2%, quotations reached the resistance level of $1,900 per troy ounce. The US presidential candidates' debate on Tuesday negatively affected gold quotes and partially limited their growth.

    The weekly drop of WTI crude oil quotes amounted to almost 8%. The trading session ended at the support level of $37 per barrel. Oil prices collapsed last Thursday on the London Stock Exchange due to increased supply from several countries all at once. Libya announced the resumption of production of raw materials and has already managed to bring oil production to the level of 300,000 barrels per day. OPEC + deal is under threat.

    Key indices operate in different directions. The S&P 500 moved up and down, now its price is $3,387. The Dow Jones rallied from $26,500 to $28,200 but then tumbled to $27,800.

    Crypto market

    The crypto market fell by -1% over the past 7 days. Many currencies on the BTCNEXT Exchange have dipped accordingly. XMR grew the most: +15% per week. NEO dropped more than the others, it lost 10% of its value.

    The BNX price hasn’t changed. The QDAO token lost -29% of its value. The price of NOAHP hasn’t changed either.

    The crypto market is moving sideways. Bitcoin still can’t decide whether to go up or down. Its price is $10,600. Many altcoins dropped in price over the week. There are no big news stories to affect the price of BTC. We can expect the sideways movement to continue into next week.

    But the decisive moment will come soon. The break of long-term support at $10,000 is more preferable than the flight above the $12,000 mark.

    BTCNEXT Exchange update

    The BTCNEXT team never sleeps! We had a lot of exciting updates in the past two weeks. We have:

    • burned the last part of BNX coins. We burned 19,985,423 BNX coins on 1st October to reduce the max. supply to 250 million BNX coins. Now, the max. supply of BNX coins is 250 million and it has a great potential for growth.
    • prepared two new coins for listing on the BTCNEXT Exchange. Join our social network to learn what coins we plan to add. These cryptocurrencies will offer new opportunities for our beloved traders! More coins, more ways to earn, better asset allocation, safer portfolios!

    Daily volumes and statistics on the BTCNEXT Exchange:

    • BTC - $7.9m
    • ETH - $11.3m
    • BNX - $270,000
    • NOAHP - $34,100
    • QDAO - $132,000
    • The total average daily volume on the exchange is $46m.

    We hope you are just as excited as we are about the upcoming updates. Keep your eye on the chats and don’t miss the listing of the new coins! Come back in two weeks - we will prepare more awesome updates!