BTCNEXT Announcements

    BNX OTC sale by BTCNEXT to launch in September!

    The BTCNEXT exchange has made an announcement about the new OTC sale of its BNX tokens on September 15th. BTCNEXT is a fast-developing exchange, friendly to the Japanese and Korean market, integrated into the Q DAO - NOAH ecosystem.

    As there is a large demand for BNX tokens the additional OTC sale should fulfill this demand.

    The new OTC sale will be launched at During the OTC, traders will be able to buy tokens with a significant discount - only for $1. The current market price of BNX is $2.9, so they can save almost 60% on their purchases. Of course, there’s a certain tradeoff for this - after the purchase is made, the OTC tokens will be locked up and gradually released for 22 months. The first 3% will be released after 6 months of the lockup. The OTC sale will be started at 4 P.M. (Tokyo time) on September 15th and will last for one week.

    What is the utility of BNX token in the BTCNEXT ecosystem? It’s important to understand that it’s used not only to pay 50% less trading fees. It’s the main element, linked to many exchange-related activities. Its holders get tokens from unique IEOs, conducted on BTCNEXT, also they can participate in various lotteries and be rewarded with airdrops.

    Holding a certain amount of BNX also gives you a special status and privileges of an Angel Trader. This status gives an additional discount on trading fees, the highest tier, holding 100,000 BNX can trade with 0% fees, has an increased chance to win in lotteries, receives 1000% more coins in airdrops, and will get a Premium Special Platinum Union Card when it will be launched. Angel Traders also receive additional BNX tokens every week. Bonuses for BNX Angels:

    All BNX angels will have a special privilege to participate earlier than others. What needs to be done to become an Angel? Follow this link and become an angel with its own loyalty program!

    Don’t miss a great opportunity!

    If you have already bought for more than $250 at our OTC platform, don’t miss a great chance to get even more BNX! The only thing you should do is to transfer your unlocked BNX to our OTC platform and they will be doubled.

    BNX is an essential addition, expanding the features of BTCNEXT, and improving the experience of its traders and users. Every quarter the exchange will spend a part of its profits to buy and burn BNX. In the end, only half of the tokens, 250,000 will be left in circulation, which will positively influence the ratio of supply and demand, making them more scarce.