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    ABBC Сoin gets listed on BTCNEXT

    Dear customers,

    BTCNEXT continues to create a broader platform for crypto traders. The exchange team is happy to announce the support of another token – ABBC Сoin

    Please take into account the following important information:

    1. Open deposits (starts): 12.00 GMT May 20, 2019
    2. Trading (starts): 17.00 GMT May 21, 2019
    3. Withdrawal (starts): 20.00 GMT May 21, 2019

    What can ABBC Coin offer to the market?

    Dubai-based ABBC Foundation intends to create a global online trading platform based on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The company describes its new technology as optimized for finance, distribution, shopping, and security using blockchain solutions. The project team plans to implement facial recognition technology into the payment system in order to make crypto transactions totally safe, fast, and convenient. They apply an artificial-intelligence technique to make it possible to identify a person most reliably.

    The company has created its own Multi-Crypto (MC) Wallet that supports an instant conversion of up to five cryptocurrencies. Users can transfer their coins to any wallets and withdraw them from the system. Moreover, customers can log in their wallets by their faces, which are uniquely identified by the algorithm developed by ABBC Foundation. The company is going to develop and add the function that will allow users to pay for goods and services and verify their identity by their faces.

    ABBC Foundation also seeks to build an e-commerce platform or online shopping platform where consumers will be able to pay with ABBC coins and buy other online shopping mall products through their own online store. This will allow buyers to avoid exchange rates or transaction fees that they have to pay when using credits cards. Rather than making purchases in various online shopping malls, ABBC holders will be able just to visit ABBC online shopping mall and acquire any products and services through their platform.

    Visit the official website of ABBC Foundation to get more information about the project, ABBC coins, and their functions.

    BTCNEXT team