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    Weekly Updates #1

    BTCNEXT Exchange Weekly Updates #1

    BTCNEXT Exchange updates every week. We introduce new tools, improve service and embody the wishes of customers. We thought about how to share updates on both the exchange and the crypto market. The solution is to make a report with the results of the week. We’ve decided to do similar articles on a weekly basis. Here’s the first one.

    Bitcoin preparing another rally.

    The week was mixed for the crypto market. First, cryptocurrencies reached a 30-day low and then there was a reversal. Bitcoin dropped to $8,500, Ethereum to $216, and Ripple to $0.22.

    Now the short-term correction cannot be called complete, but the bears have loosened their grip. BTC must consolidate above $9,100 to continue the uptrend. Bitcoin is trading at $9,130, and Ethereum at $236 at the time of writing.

    Media often calls Bitcoin a protective asset during the financial crisis. The picture of the classic financial market is disappointing. Key indexes are losing value and Coronavirus played an important role in this. The disease paralyzed part of China, production capacity and turnover declined. The hype is distributed worldwide.

    Fortunately, the cryptocurrency market is not vulnerable to Coronavirus and its effect is minimal. Bitcoin halving is getting closer and traders are opening long positions. We can expect further growth in the whole market.

    BTCNEXT Exchange news

    It was a productive week for the BTCNEXT team. We have changed minimal withdrawal limits for 3 cryptocurrencies:

    • USDT — 10.
    • XEM — 5000.
    • NEO — 2.

    All the fees and limits can be checked out here.

    Our developers updated the BTCNEXT Broker website. Now you can watch an educational video on how to register and start using Broker services. We will make an announcement about BTCNEXT Broker updates.

    Large upcoming updates

    The massive updates of the BTCNEXT exchange are coming. They will bring user experience to another level and give a variety of tools for trading. Here are some updates planned.

    1. Dynamic layout.We will add the dynamic layout in our Trading UI. It allows organizing the blocks of order books, watchlist, charts, history of trades in a convenient way. The users also will get the ability to change the size and order of these windows without any limitations.
    2. Workspaces. This option provides creating several Workspaces for different trading purposes. It’s a needed step toward professional traders’ demands.
    3. Market Depth. This tool gives the opportunity to monitor the ability of the market to sustain relatively large orders without impacting on the price of the asset in question.
    4. Grouping of volumes. It helps to analyze the deepest liquidity available on the BTCNEXT platform. It can be accessed in the order book of every instrument.
    5. Watchlist. This widget can boost up your Workspaces of Trading UI. You can add a list of the wished pairs, displays the current prices, volumes, as well as 24-hour highs & lows in one place.
    6. Block of Deposits & withdrawals. This block has been renovated. Methods became more individual and clear. We have added a new form for credit & debit cards, making fiat deposits.
    7. Withdrawal address whitelist. We’re striving to reach the highest level of security of users’ funds. That’s why we’ve released the withdrawal address whitelist. The possibility to make cryptocurrency withdrawals will be able only to the addresses that have been whitelisted by the user. Whitelist management is allowed only to 2FA users.

    Thank you for reading all of our updates. We plan to release a selection of updates on the market and BTCNEXT Exchange on a weekly basis. Don’t forget to clap to our efforts and come back right in a week.